Thursday, 11 June 2015


A good friend bought a set of 7 birds from one of the home decor stores. She wanted to get them painted in some bright colours to give it a "BIRDS OF PARADISE" look. This is how they looked initially

Her adorable little daughter wanted to paint some herself and so she went ahead and painted 4 birds and I was commissioned to paint the remaining 3.
When she approached me, she only had one condition that it should look very bright and colourful and gave me all the liberty to do it my way. 

After a lot of thinking, I used 5 colours namely red, yellow, blue, green, orange. Since I love working with acrylic paints because of it nature being firstly a quick dry medium and secondly having a beautiful glossy finish, I have purely used acrylic paints here. For the intricate patterns, I have used fine liners and permanent markers. Traditional motifs have been used here, some influenced by the traditional Madhubani Art. This was the final outcome:

Since the entire piece had a lot of colour, I chose to keep the sides black with white floral motifs on it. A closer look at the base :

So bringing you BIRDS OF PARADISE with a traditional twist....

Wot do u think about it??Looking forward to hear from you....

See you soon with another form of artwork........